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Boston Rents hit a record high

A recent artice in the Boston Globe reports that rents are at a record high and inventory is at an all time low. The average rent in Boston is now $1,665 a month and the vacancy rate is the lowest it has been since 2003. In sought after areas like the Back Bay or Beacon [...]

A gem in Kenmore Square left fallow

  This building in on the corner as I understand it is owned by BU and has been vacant for the 5 years I have been in Boston. This is quite a shame since it is such a beautiful building and housing in Boston is at a premium. This is all the more surprising since [...]

Start the rental process early in Boston

Boston is a difficult rental market.  When my clients are serious about getting that hard to find apartment, we need to start early.  I am standing in front of a spectacular apartment in the Back Bay that I was able to get for my clients.  We put the application in hours after the apartment came [...]

Part 1: The first questions you need to answer

Okay, so you are looking to rent an apartment. I have put together some guidelines that will make your search go smoothly and quickly. These are all things I have learned as a Real Estate agent in Boston over the last few years.