59 Mozart Street, Jamaica Plain

59 Mozart is a building in Jamaica Plain that had been uninhabited for some time and had the look of a literal haunted house.  When we got it a tree was growing through the property there were junked cars on the lot along with some very interesting things we found left behind by the previous owners.  If it were not so dangerous to enter we might have actually done a haunted house for the kids in the area.
The renovation tore the building down to the studs.  There were original cedar shingles under the siding that we felt had a nice neighborhood flare so we decided to keep those.  The basement was excavated and dormers were added to the top to allow for 2 duplex units with open living space.  As you can see from the photos the before are pretty dramatic.
Development Dates: Spring 2017
Construction Manager: Dalfior INC
See The After Pictures