Paige Thompson


Office Phone: 617-701-7434


Paige is a native of Roxbury and lived many years in the Dorchester area. She has worked for over 12 years with local non-profit organizations as a Real Estate Development Project Manager coordinating and monitoring the development of new housing and completing major renovating projects.

One of Paige’s purposes in life is dedicated to the revitalization and stabilization of Boston neighborhoods, making neighborhoods safe and sustainable for all people. She plans to continue her dedication to the local area by providing exemplary service to her potential clientele, who she will offer her extensive knowledge of area markets and can provide insightful expertise for renovation projects.

Paige has also worked with many First-Time Homebuyers and has a wealth of financial resources and services to help First-Time Buyers make the purchase of your home an easy and memorable transaction. Paige hopes to provide a level of expertise that helps make your home buying process simple and rewarding. No matter if you’re a first-time buyer or a savvy real estate investor contact Paige with any real estate inquiries or questions and she will gladly assist you.